Carina Reeves

Belief Shifter. Magic Maker.

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I’m Carina,

I’m a mom, a cellist,
a lover of books and deep connections,
and a lifelong seeker of self-love, beauty,
and personal truth.

Five years ago I began a journey of rediscovery — rediscovering who I was as a person, a mother, a friend, a lover, and a partner.

My journey began at the end of my marriage. I began working with Energetic Magic, a powerful method of looking hard at your underlying, often subconscious beliefs and destroying them. It was the perfect methodology for me to reshape the parts of me that contributed to my marriage not working.

As I peeled back the layers of my emotional and energetic onion, my life began to have more flow, more ease, more happiness, and more empowerment.

Now, I’m your guide to rediscovering who you truly are. I’m here to tell you: You don’t have to settle. You deserve love, joy, success — and yes, even sex — on your terms.

I’m here to help you clear out the old nonsense and let the good stuff in. Let’s make space to start asking for what you really want.