Change your story, change your life.

Right now, you’re searching for something.

Something to make you feel better.
Something to make you feel alive.
Something to make you feel like you again.

You’ve tried everything:
Yoga, meditation, retreats, workouts, morning routines, retail therapy, and wine with friends.

It helps — sometimes — but it never feels like enough.
It doesn’t feel like you’re losing the stress, resistance, fear and overwhelm in your life.

It doesn’t help you get back to what makes you happy.

Image of Carina Reeves weaaring a grey checked shirt smiling at the camera lovingly with her hands over her heart.

I’ve been there.
And I found my way back.

I learned that when you release what’s been holding you back, it clears space for you to move towards your deepest desires.

When you change your story, you make space for the really big stuff.

That’s where I come in.

In one-on-one sessions we will dig deep and shift your beliefs. You will discover your deepest desires and create a path to make them a reality.

And you will do it all in a safe, loving space where you can truly discover who you are.

In our sessions together you can expect me to…

  • Draw on my expertise in Energetic Magic to help you uncover old stories and shift beliefs.
  • Use embodiment practices to connect you to your body to spark powerful healing.
  • Guide you through breath work to move through your fears and hurts and into your joy and magic.
  • Give you powerful tools to use to create change in your everyday life.
  • Make you feel safe and supported, even as I ask uncomfortable questions.
  • Provide an honest outside perspective, even when that truth may be hard to hear.
  • Be a champion for you, holding the highest vision of your life and supporting you in creating the life you most desire and are worthy of.

You have the power to change your story
and re-create your life.

Are you ready?

You have the power to change your story
and re-create your life.

Are you ready?